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The Names Of God
A document listing of the great names of our God and Savior.

It is our intent to glorify GOD with the teaching of his inspired and Holy Word. Much of the teaching offered here is presented from the original text and languages.

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Audio from Dr. Phillips classes is being presented as mp3 audio files, and is still free to listen to or download. You have several options in how you can listen to the class teaching of Dr. Phillips and others. These classes are also available in complete sets on cassette tape, or on audio CDs, at minimal cost. Click on the link below to check it all out.

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Listen to Bible study from the original Greek and Hebrew text. Listen to many great sermons. Many online Bibles in several different languages. Online audio Bible. Many study tools and resources. All Free!

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These are the identifying marks of true New Testament Churches down through the ages of darkness and confusion

This page provides a list of several online Bible study resources and tools..

Listen in to the first two tracks from Jimmy Phillips new Country Gospel CD Pray Every Day. Jimmy is the brother of Dr. Phillips has been part of the original Bakersfield sound. Buy now at SermonAudio.com to hear the entire CD of Country Gospel.

John Gage is the Minister of instrumental Music for Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California. He has allowed us to place some audio tracks of his beautiful trumpet playing on this site. So, treat your ears to some wonderful music while you are studying our Lord's Word.

The entire Holy Bible is now available online in audio format. Simply click on the "Audio Bible" link above, then select the book and chapter that you would like to listen too. KJV

BibleDatabase is one of the largest resources of FREE Bibles available anywhere. Full Featured FREE Bible Software with more than 70 Bibles in over 35 languages. Multi Bible viewer. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Biblical Names, Personal Prayer Diary, Biblical Map viewer, Rich Text Word Processor and more..

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Dr. James M. Phillips is recognized worldwide as a scholar and leading authority on Biblical Languages, Church History, and Biblical Doctrines.

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